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If you need more detail, ask away. You won't hurt my feelings..
bulletWhat does it cost ?
bulletWhat exactly do I get for my money?
bulletWhat if I'm not happy?
bulletHow fast can you get it done?
bulletDo you do fact checking or research?
bulletAny legal issues?


What does it cost?

Rates are dependent on the level of effort. We understand that circumstances differ widely, and are more than willing to work with you to come up with rates that will make us both happy.

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What exactly do I get for my money?

We will provide a sample of the work during the initial negotiation process at no charge, so you will have a good idea of what to expect. At any time if you are dissatisfied, please say so and we will work it out. We want you to be happier at the end of the process than you were when you started.

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What if I'm not happy?

You're in the communications business, so let's communicate. We will keep you informed as we work so the process can meet your expectations. We know the only way to build a good business in this field is by word of mouth. Our reputation in the hobby business is something we're quite proud of, and will go a long way to maintain; if it has our name on it, it either works or you have your money back. 

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How fast can you get it done?

This depends on the workload at the moment, of course. Tell us your deadlines right up front. If it's a "frantic panic" situation we might ask for a higher rate to compensate for deferring other business. We'll do the best we can for you.

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Do you do fact checking or research?

No. If we encounter something in your manuscript that seems to call for citation, justification, or further research, we'll call it out and discuss it with you. We can refer you to reputable fact-checkers and researchers through the Editorial Freelancers Association


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Any legal issues ?

You retain all rights and copyright to the work. Any work we do will be uncredited in publication, although we hope you will tell others about us.

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