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Services to Authors

Services to Business and Professionals


Note: Industry standard is 250 words per page.

Newsletters, magazines, online documents

Misspelled words, grammatical
errors, tense, minor formatting

Misspelled words, grammar, tense
bulletLine Editing: Proofreading, plus
Paragraphing,  point of view, clarity,
bulletCompliance editing:
Meeting regulatory or statutory requirements
bulletThe Works: Line editing, plus
Plot, characterization, style,
continuity, overview
bulletEditorial coordination:
Multiple author scheduling and project management, proposal capture
bulletWeb page Editing
bulletLegal writing and editing

Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format and edits will be shown in Track Changes. Other formats are available by arrangement.


How does it work?

  1. You apply to become a client by filling out the brief form or by sending us an email at info@rent-an-editor.com
  2. We email you back and we discuss the work you need.
  3. You send a single sample page of the work, and we work our magic on it and send it back to you. This way we both know what to expect, and if there are any surprises we can work them out. We also provide you with a final fee and agree on a deadline.
  4. You send the work and 50% of the fee.
  5. We do the work and submit it to you on or before your deadline.
  6. You review the work and submit the rest of the fee within 5 working days of receiving the finished work.
  7. You proceed with your project and start discussing the next work, or recommend us to a friend for a 10% discount on your next job.

You, the author, retain all copyright and rights to your finished work. We ask for no credit or subsidiary rights, nothing beyond prompt payment of our fees. No information that you give us will be used in any manner whatsoever without your prior permission.

To make file transfers easier and secure, we will set up a password-protected private folder on Dropbox for your use. You can upload and download working files from this area without clogging up your email.



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